The brief


One of the largest print and online publishers, was looking to replace Adobe Analytics with a solution that was better aligned with their business model.

The client needed to fit the migration around a number of other initiatives, and gave Search Laboratory a four week timescale to plan and complete Phase I of the migration.

The aim of Phase I was to implement a like-for-like pilot deployment by setting up Google Analytics 360 to run alongside Adobe Analytics. This included setting up user journey tracking across an initial 53 brands, 30 apps, Google AMP pages and Facebook Instant Articles.


brands migrated


apps included


weeks to complete

The solution


Search Laboratory partnered with DMPG, a digital analytics and personalization consultancy with expertise in Adobe Analytics, to work closely with the client team to ensure a successful migration from the current functionality.

During the initial phase, all key metrics and dimensions across all brands and platforms were migrated using a combination of Google Analytics 360 and a robust data layer.

This initial migration was completed within four weeks, including one week of detailed auditing and planning.

An infographic showing Adobe Analytics and Google Analytics 360. It is describing how a migration is carried out between the two platforms.



After successfully running both analytics platforms in parallel, the client had the confidence to turn off Adobe Analytics, a system that had been serving their users for over 10 years.

Search Laboratory and DMPG then set about designing and delivering customized training courses to ensure the hundreds of active analytics users could continue to get the critical performance data they needed to make key business decisions.

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