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High quality, customer-centric SEO focusses on the quality of your back links over the quantity and looks to secure you links from the highest authority third party sites. This generally tends to include popular news sites and authoritative sources of industry news for your sector. Many businesses have highly developed PR strategies in place but forget to tie this activity into their search engine optimisation. When issuing press releases many companies will not syndicate them correctly online missing valuable SEO opportunities.High Quality Link Building ServicesOnline PR is not about press release syndication over news wires. It is about matching high quality, creative press releases and stories with media and trade publications online. Successful online PR activity creates both links and high quality coverage for your brand (on and offline).Our expert SEO team can help you create newsworthy press releases or work with your existing PRs to gain access to your existing content. Using both external databases and our own internal database of journalists and bloggers, the team then creates relationships with the media on your brand’s behalf, maximising the chance of coverage for your story. With access to tens of thousands of journalists, bloggers and publications, our search specialists will painstakingly research which would be most interested in your news and result in the highest authority back links for your website. The success of your use of online PR for SEO relies on the quality of your news and the strategy used to distribute it online.Journalists are busy people and can be hard to engage with. Our PR experts help us build strong relationships with journalists. We keep detailed records of what kinds of content they like and dislike so that we only send them the types of stories they want to hear. Our database tracks their moves and is an ever-expanding pool of media intelligence.Search Laboratory’s online PR services can include retrospectively trying to earn natural, high quality links from your past public relations, as well as helping you create a strong interlinked strategy for SEO and PR moving forward.

Online PR Training

Search Laboratory’s team of search specialists (many of whom are trained journalists or PRs) can also help your business by providing bespoke online PR training. This could be in-house or remotely delivered and might include either your in-house PR team, or your external partner PR agency.

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