PPC AdWords

Google is by far the most popular search engine globally. There are only a handful of countries worldwide where it does not hold the largest share of the market. Advertising with Google AdWords gives you the widest reach possible for your adverts. Search Laboratory’s PPC team are certified partners of Google and Google AdWords campaign management specialists.

To become qualified, AdWords professionals are required to demonstrate an in-depth understanding of PPC and take regular exams to demonstrate their knowledge. The team has been successfully managing AdWords PPC campaigns on behalf of clients of all shapes, sizes and from a broad range of sectors since 2005.


Flexible advertising options

Advertising on the Google network gives you complete flexibility over formats, geographic locations and targeting options. Advertising on AdWords means your adverts can appear on a multitude of different websites across the web. What format works best will depend on your products or services and your customers.

Whether you want to optimise your text, display, or rich multimedia adverts, AdWords management company Search Laboratory can help you make the most of Google AdWords, its sophisticated interface, and advertising targeting options.

Our expertise managing AdWords campaigns

PPC is more of a science than an art, so Search Laboratory employs a team of experienced account managers, all of whom are graduates in a mathematical discipline. Their scientific approach ensures they optimise your Google AdWords PPC campaigns based on fact rather than gut feeling, to ensure they achieve optimum results from your specified budget.

Managing campaigns in over 35 languages, our team of PPC experts and in-house linguists can manage your global Google AdWords campaigns to help you maximise profit from paid search marketing. Our talented account managers work closely with Google to keep up to date on all the latest PPC best practices and are first to know about upcoming changes and updates from Google. We have access to all the latest beta tests and innovations and can ensure your brand has maximum exposure.

Contact us today to find out how we can help set up and optimise your Google AdWords PPC campaigns to maximise your ROI.