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Running consecutively for 25 years, the Help the Aged Leeds Abbey Dash is a unique 10k road race with a delightful atmosphere.

The Abbey Dash is aiming to raise £200,000 this year.

Money raised from the race goes into helping to make a difference to the lives of neglected & vulnerable older people as well as the elderly living in poverty.

This year, on a freezing Sunday morning, (23rd of November) Search Laboratory’s team of running enthusiasts (The Lab Rats) bravely battled the weather to participate in this great race. After the initial warm up, led by Nell McAndrew, the race started off from Leeds City Centre and covered 10 kilometres with Search Laboratory’s best time being 44mins and 51 sec by Ian Harris.

The race ran through the entire morning and all of the participants thoroughly enjoyed it. The Lab Rats had a great day and are proud to be a part of something so noble.

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