How we are helping in the hunt for a COVID-19 vaccine

Ian Harris

Executive Chairman

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Vaccine research and development usually lasts two to five years, with up to a decade before the vaccine is ready for public use, but with COVID-19 causing disruption and deaths worldwide, teams across the globe are pushing boundaries to deliver one much sooner. In August, ‘Race Against the Virus: Hunt for a Vaccine’ aired on Channel 4. The programme follows a team at Oxford University and their work to develop a vaccine at unheard of speeds and gives detailed insights into the pressure each individual is under to create a vaccine in record time.

Touched by the team’s efforts, we reached out to Oxford University to offer our hand with the team’s digital marketing. There is a lot of noise surrounding coronavirus and the numerous vaccines being developed; we wanted to help Oxford University cut through this noise and get the message around the work they are doing directly to the public by increasing their organic visibility.

Oxford University’s research sits within a separate sub-domain to its main website, meaning they must compete against both the site and third-party news publications for visibility in the SERPs. The site itself is difficult to navigate so users who do land on the sub-domain find it difficult to access information on the coronavirus research.


We have provided a pro-bono SEO health audit, which highlights technical areas for improvement, including the use of schema mark-up, canonical tags, improved site structure hierarchy, content optimisation and improved UX. We will also be working with Oxford University to improve how they track their multiple websites in analytics.


By helping the research team improve their online visibility, we hope to help Oxford University keep the public up to date with accurate messaging about their vaccine research and development. Having access to the correct information is crucial in times like this and we are proud to play a part in improving the team’s accessibility.

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