5 tips to blog successfully

Ian Harris

Executive Chairman

Technical SEO

Traditionally, blogs have been used by many as an online diary or a medium through which someone can write short frequent blog posts. For a business however, it can be used as a corporate tool for communicating with customers, share a company’s expertise, build additional web traffic, and connect with potentially new customers.
Blogs not only provide brand value to your business but if done correctly they can automatically help you maintain a successful online presence.
Business blogs are sweeping the business community and here are our 5 tips to help you get the most out of your blog:

1. Make Titles Meaningful
You only have seconds to grab the attention of your readers so make the title catchy and include the specific keywords you are targeting. If you use blogging software such as WordPress, they usually stick the site name in front of the actual Post title, which may affect your seo so ensure that you have taken out this feature.

2. Host it On Your Own Domain
Link popularity is a key factor that search engines use to rank websites. As a result if you are using free hosting services you will lose your links so always host on your own domain! Better yet, set up a sub domain and run your blog off that, your links are likely to carry more weight.

3. Think SEO
Write your blog posts as you would write a web copy. The posts must be clear and concise whilst incorporating target keywords within the main body and any internal links.

4. Make it Usable
An unwritten rule in the blogging world is that the posts are listed on the left hand side of the screen while the navigation is on the right hand side. The chances are, with so many blogs out there following this norm your audience are already accustomed to this layout, so don’t throw them off by creating usability issues.

5. Update It!
This one’s fairly obvious but it’s the life essence of your blog. Search Engines love frequently updated content so constantly feeding your blog fresh posts keeps it alive and active in the eyes of the search engines, which in turn helps your search engine popularity!