The importance of natural user generated content for SEO

Laura Britten

Head of Marketing

Technical SEO

The importance of unique content on each and every page of your whole website is of vital importance to your on-site SEO to avoid duplicate content. This can be extremely painful if your site has thousands of products that are all of a similar nature. This is where user generated content can come in extremely useful.

It is a fact that we are all more influenced to buy something if our friends, family or other members of the public recommend them to us, as we value their opinions over the companies who are trying to sell these products. This is where reviews comes in handy for potential customers who will trust a site more if their ratings and reviews are natural and provide genuine insight.

These ratings and reviews do not only provide benefits for the user, there are also many ways in which your site and its profitability will value.

SERP Positions Improve

Sites with genuine reviews that have created unique content on their individual pages will rank higher than those who do not have any reviews displayed, as much like a user trusts a site more with reviews featured a search engine also ranks them higher in the same way.

Search Results Stand Out More

Search engines often pull through snippets of reviews from product pages which tell the searcher how many stars a certain product has been awarded by users, which will entice users to click through to the item or page.

On-site Duration Increases

If there is plenty of unbiased content on your site that a user can read and gain valuable information from they will spend more time on the site, which will positively impact on your SEO as search engines now take into consideration the average amount of time on site as a factor in their search engine ranking algorithm.

Return Visits Increase

Reviews and ratings will enhance user trust in a website as they use the site as a good place to research topics and products, which will lead to users coming back to the site and improving the chances of a conversion significantly.

Post the Bad with the Good

For users to have confidence in your site it is vital that the bad reviews that are posted on your site are featured as prominently as the good ones. This shows that the reviews have been independently written and the company has not been buying positive reviews, which will only cause you pain in the long run if you are found out.

And bad reviews aren’t always a bad thing! Bad reviews will enable you to improve your product offering to suit your customer needs and by engaging with these negative comments you will be able to show to your potential customers that you value their opinions and are responsive to them.

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