How market leaders are really using data and technology to beat their competitors


Analytics and Data Science

Data and technology.  There isn’t an agency in the land that doesn’t have a slide deck about how they are using data to create integrated cross-channel campaigns, build analytics and attribution models, devise multi-device strategies, calculate customer lifetime insights, or code personalised websites.

So why aren’t we all delivering perfectly consistent multi-channel, multi-device campaigns that result in perfect content, perfectly delivered, at the perfect time, for the perfect product and at the perfect price?

The technology is there (and is not new). The data is there – and often freely available.

So why aren’t we all doing it already?

It takes more than just data and technology

The answer, of course, is twofold.  Firstly, customers are often fickle, illogical and unpredictable and their behaviour is hard to model.

But let’s assume you are able to build a statistically valid model.

That still leaves the second problem, which is that data and technology are only part of the solution: success requires that the right processes are in place to capture, store and interrogate the data; and that the people involved follow the correct processes every time, all the time.

Without the right people to implement data capture, ask the right questions of the data, draw the right conclusions, and execute any changes in a timely way, any investment in data technology is at risk of being wasted.

So, in the absence of perfection, what are the market leaders really doing with data and technology to drive value from their day-to-day marketing activities?

Exciting, cutting edge… and pragmatic scientists

Search Laboratory is launching a series of articles and events to share our knowledge and experience: to provide practical real-world examples of how technology and data can best be used to drive value from all marketing channels – on and off-line – and provide customers with a more relevant and consistent brand experience.

As a company founded on scientific principles, we advise our clients based on hard evidence of what does or doesn’t work. We think our proven, pragmatic approach is the right way to help our clients deliver exciting, cutting edge campaigns that stand out from the crowd and beat their competitors.

Questions we will address during the series will include:

  • Beyond the hype of big data: what are the market leaders doing right now?
  • Where should you look to find the quick wins?
  • Practical steps to using data science to drive value from your campaigns?
  • What should you be putting in place now to secure a long term strategic advantage over your competitors (and avoid being left behind)?
  • Is attribution modelling really worth the effort of doing it?
  • Real world techniques for connecting clicks with offline sales (and profits).
  • Tools and technologies that can improve your ROAS without needing a digital transformation project.
  • Case studies from B2B, retail, fashion, technology, travel and other sectors…

A digital marketing data and technology reference library

At the end of the series we will publish all the content in a central library and share it with you.

We hope you find something of interest during the course of the next few months, and are able to join us for some of the events we are planning, but in the interim if you have specific challenges please contact us for an initial chat to see if it’s something we can help with.

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