Britain’s favourite pie


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Every year, thousands of people all over the country celebrate British Pie Week. Whether ordering down the local pub or testing their culinary skills in the kitchen, everyone has their favourite filling. But what is Britain’s favourite pie? We looked at Google’s search data to settle the matter once and for all. See our results and methodology below.


Britain's Favourite Pie


Pie flavours ranked using average monthly search volume from Google’s Keyword Planner tool. 15 popular pie types were selected and then ranked to find the top 10, the filling with the highest overall average monthly search volume was ranked highest, and each other flavour was ranked accordingly. ‘Mash vs. chips’ comparison also used the same method in Keyword Planner.

The most popular cities for each pie were selected using Google Trends, which gives a comparative search term popularity ranking to areas based on a number of factors, including relative search volume compared to search population in each area. This gave us a city ranking for each pie filling, the highest ranked city for each flavour was then selected and placed on the map.

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