SEOLab: suite of software tools for SEO


Rob Marsden

Head of Digital - Earned and Owned


SEOLab™ is Search Laboratory’s proprietary suite of tools for data collection, competitor analysis, and performance monitoring for SEO. Our SEO strategists and account management team use this suite of tools to ensure that our clients’ digital marketing is always aligned with their business objectives.


There are four different software modules in SEOLab:

1. SEOLab search console data repository

Google Search Console is a key source of website performance data, however the data is only available for a 90 day period. SEOLab automatically downloads data daily from Google Search Console into a database, from which we can build a clearer picture of performance over time and make more informed decisions on optimisation and ranking techniques.

Features of SEOLab include:

  • Collate performance data from Google Search Console, with no time limitations
  • Collate data from multiple sites, or multiple international domains, into the same database
  • Separate out brand and non-brand traffic
  • Segment data by device types

2. SERPLab™ competitor analysis and benchmarking

SERPLab is a powerful market investigation tool that delivers insights all the way down to keyword level.

  • Locates the top ten results for a specific keyword or group of keywords
  • Gathers over 50 key ranking metrics for each of those 10 or 11 results
  • Compares those metrics to identify the biggest differences
  • Helps us to understand how and why certain pages are ranking where they are and what we need to do on our client’s site in order to rank well

SEOLab new

Typical Link Metrics:

  • Number of external links and linking root domains at both domain and URL level
  • Domain Authority
  • TrustFlow/CitationFlow
  • Readability

Typical Technical and Content Metrics:

  • Mobile and desktop page speed
  • Mobile friendly score
  • Meta data, URL and heading optimisation scores
  • Content length
  • Content topical relevance


The below snippets are a small selection of all the metrics that SERPLab gathers. Our account management team use this information to make data driven, strategic SEO decisions.

Output 1



Output 4


3. HTML Monitor

This is a powerful audit tool that tracks and reports on website HTML changes that impact on organic search visibility. With HTML Monitor, we can identify changes that have caused a fall (or rise) in SERP rankings, and debug issues as and when they arise.

HTML Monitor has saved our clients hundreds of thousands of pounds in lost traffic and wasted budget.

We can set up alerts based on a couple of different factors.

  • If there has been a significant number of changes to web pages
  • Changes to specific HTML tags, for example, nofollow or noindex

This has saved clients time and budget by helping them identify the cause of visibility drops, especially as changes could have been made inadvertently by internal teams.

HTML monitor 2

4.  Search volume forecaster

Our search volume tool forecasts search volumes for keywords over a 12 month period. This provides insights into seasonal trends, ensuring that SEO activities are optimising the right keywords at the right time.

Keyword planner graphic2

Can SEOLab help your organic search campaigns?

If you would like to discuss how SEOLab can help to maximise the organic visibility of your websites, please contact us for a confidential discussion.