What are LinkedIn Conversation Ads and why should you be using them?

Gina Wisse

Assistant Head of Paid Social and Programmatic


The number of people using messaging apps on mobile is set to reach 3 billion in 2022, as more consumers flock to messaging apps as their main form of communication. With LinkedIn’s introduction of Conversation Ads, brands have the opportunity to capitalise on the rising popularity of direct messaging to maximise engagement and conversion rates.


In this blog, we will cover LinkedIn’s new Conversation Ads, why you should use them and how we leveraged them for our client UiPath, which led to an increased click-through rate to landing pages and an impressive lead generation rate.

LinkedIn Conversation Ads

‘Conversation Ads’ is the new product recently launched by LinkedIn which allows businesses to send users interactive messages to their inbox. Conversation Ads allow the users to choose the replies that suits their needs, allowing them to easily access the information they need.


An extension of LinkedIn Message Ads, and formerly Sponsored InMail, Conversation Ads allow businesses to create full-funnel campaigns with multiple customised calls-to-action.

Why use LinkedIn Conversation Ads?

By setting up multiple ‘conversation’ flows which allow users to choose between the different replies, Conversation Ads can be used to achieve multiple objectives.

The two-way conversation style of these ads allows for real-time engagement with users, offering a personalised approach depending on where the user is in the customer journey. The high level of customisation offers a better experience for the user and keeps them engaged throughout their journey, while insights from the conversation reveals their intent and engagement.

Case study: UiPath

We were able to test conversation ads for our client UiPath as part of LinkedIn’s beta programme. We used Matched Audiences to retarget website visitors with Conversation Ads to nurture this audience with a personal approach.

The Conversation Ads we ran were shown to the audience as a message from a UiPath representative in their LinkedIn inbox. Using the customisable conversation flow options, we were able to encourage users to explore research on robotic process automation, find out more about UiPath’s solutions, try the platform, or get in touch with a sales representative. The campaign had a 67% lead generation rate and increased CTR to landing pages by 25%. You can read more about how we used Conversation Ads in this campaign on the official LinkedIn case study here.



Engaging with your customers through meaningful conversations is essential for businesses. Using these paid social techniques as part of your wider digital strategy can help you to engage your customers, understand and respond to their needs and drive conversions.

We are proud to announce that the work we have done for this client has been shortlisted for The Global Search Awards in the Best Global PPC Campaign category.


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