Media & Online Relations Specialist

Reporting to: Media & Online Relations Manager  

Job Purpose: To create and implement media and outreach promotion plans, selling in campaigns to get maximum results, and expertly and proactively advising on the future direction of Content & Online PR plans based on the needs of the media and other online targets. 

Key Responsibilities

  • Fully understand the client’s aim and strategy and tie those back into your promotion strategy.
  • Work closely with Content & Online PR Project Manager and other expert teams to determine most effective promotion strategy for the Content & Online PR plan.
  • Take full responsibility for the promotion and outreach plan, liaising with the campaign lead on the right audience, their interest, media requirements, and trends.
  • Fully utilise LinkLab to source and manage contacts and take ownership of the database by keeping contact notes and information up to date with information needed to determine target’s interest in our work.
  • Create and manage promotion and media lists, advising the content team on the targets’ preferred content medium.
  • Expertly use and identify new tools and techniques to source suitable websites and contacts for promotion.
  • Expertly source quality targets in an efficient manner by conducting research (e.g. search operators; backlink analysis etc.) and pulling together lists of relevant websites.
  • Understand how to navigate through communities, identifying influencers, their followers, their interests, and where they interact.
  • Take full responsibility for your own output and report to Content & Online PR Project Managers on your promotion success; proactively escalate potential issues and improve results where needed.
  • Report to and liaise with the rest of the team, particularly the Content & Online PR Project Manager, and proactively propose new techniques and direction if results are not coming in.
  • Pitch in stories to targets, making expert decision on the right medium (face to face, e-mail, phone) that will lead to highest chance of coverage, shares and links. Be persistent and follow up on your communication.
  • Listen to niches and contacts to understand trends, talking points, upcoming features, etc. Follow influencers to understand their thinking.
  • Expertly use social media and paid promotion to maximise results and increase reach of stories.
  • Manage long term relationships with key targets, coming up with new innovative ways to create positive relationships between the company and them.

 Experience & Competencies needed:

  • A strong work ethic and determination to succeed
  • The ability to negotiate and influence
  • Highly adept communication skills and relationship management skills
  • Proven ability to generate maximum results across clients
  • Results-driven approach to every task
  • Strategic approach to promotion and outreach
  • Adaptability to change and responding positively to future change

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