The brief


Tiger Sheds is a garden buildings manufacturer, that sells sheds and log cabins online. Having worked with our SEO and PPC teams successfully to grow their business, they were interested in using our other services, one of them being programmatic remarketing.

They were working with a well-known remarketing provider but wanted to see if we could improve the results they were seeing from their remarketing efforts across display advertising and social media.


increase in remarketing sales


drop in CPA


weeks to achieve CPA target

The solution


  • Dynamic remarketing: We linked up the client’s product feed and website to our system, allowing us to monitor what products individual customers were viewing and engaging with.
  • The right person sees the right product: We then synced up our dynamic ad serving platform so that we would be able to use the exact products the customer viewed on the website, in the advert that we showed them.
  • Bespoke audience bidding: After collecting eight weeks of data, we were able to see consumer behavioural patterns and change the bidding, frequency and audience groupings to reflect them.

The results


  • 25% increase in remarketing sales
  • Drop in remarketing CPA by 48%

The target CPA was achieved within 5 weeks of the campaign starting. Within 7 weeks the campaign broke the weekly remarketing sales record. In its 10th week, it began regularly performing at CPA which was 48% lower than the previous remarketing provider.

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