What does SEO look like in 2021 (whitepaper)

SEO has evolved over the years and it is the job of digital marketers and SEOs to keep on top of industry changes so that they can ensure their or their clients’ websites stay visible in an increasingly competitive environment.


Search engines aim to deliver users the best content for their queries. As algorithms grow better at understanding what it is users are searching for and what websites are delivering, they return better – more relevant – results.


This means the same tactics that got your website to the top spot in 2010, 2015 and even 2020 may not be enough to keep you there in 2021 and beyond.


In this whitepaper, we reveal some of the biggest changes coming to SEO in 2021, including:


  • Core Web Vitals as a ranking factor
  • The rise of zero-click search results
  • Google Analytics 4
  • Automation and data engineering.

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SEO is changing


The world of search is completely different now to what it once was. Search engine algorithms have grown more advanced over the years and there are more live websites online now than ever before.

To stand out online, brands not only have to produce the best content and website experience, they need to properly indicate to search engines that their website is relevant and trustworthy. Having the right mix of data, content and technical SEO is crucial to getting those top spots – but that mix is changing.

Stay ahead of your competition


Understanding how SEO is changing and how you can adapt your strategy is key to maintaining a strong position in the SERPs.

This whitepaper highlights what SEO looks like moving forward and how businesses can adapt, including:

  • Moving away from keywords towards topics, concepts and entities
  • Building content around intent
  • Optimising for zero click search results
  • Investing in automation and big data.