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The leading platform for integrating your digital campaigns

Deduped and accurate tracking

Advanced targeting

Full journey visibility

Cross-platform and cross-device

Integrated platform

Understand your audience with DoubleClick Marketing Solutions

DoubleClick’s integrated and open platform lets you bring all your audience insights together in one place. With a complete, real-time view, you can engage the people you care about most to maximise the impact of your advertising spend.

How we can help

Our team uses DoubleClick’s integrated solution to give you a single buying platform, so you can reach your audience globally and maximise impact across screens, channels and formats.

The platform brings data together both cross-channel and cross-device – from the first impression to final conversion. We use these unified insights to refine your strategy and drive better campaign performance on the fly.

The value of the platform includes a central approach to audience identification, ad creation and bidding. In addition to accurate real-time tracking and native integration with other platforms, such as Google Analytics 360.

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“As we continue to work with Search Laboratory we are confident we will see further growth in current markets and into new regions.”

Rossa Brown, Growth Marketing Channels EMEA, Hootsuite

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