Video: Google Analytics 360 integration with Salesforce

Ian Harris

Executive Chairman

Analytics and Data Science

Google recently announced the partnership between Google Analytics 360 and Salesforce. The two can now work together to connect sales, marketing and advertising data, providing visibility of a lead’s value as well as their journey, helping you to see what is and isn’t working across your channels.

In our latest video, our CEO, Ian Harris, discusses why this integration is so beneficial for businesses using a CRM, and how Search Laboratory can help you implement these changes.



Hello my name is Ian Harris from Search Laboratory, and today I’m going to tell you all about the benefits of the integration between Google Analytics and Salesforce.

So, what’s this all about? Well, with most B2B lead gen companies, this is the picture that we see. You have a website and you do a load of digital marketing in order to get traffic to the website, and your aim at the end of the day is to get people to fill in a form in or call you up.

And, all of that activity, even tracking phone calls, is monitored and measured by Google Analytics. Those leads then are followed up by your Sales teams. So they will call people up and try and book a meeting, hopefully turning into an opportunity and at the end of the day you’ll get an order out of that.

All of that activity is again managed and monitored by Salesforce. The problem with this is that not all leads are created equally. So you get a load of junk leads which I’m sure you’ve experienced, you get low quality leads, high quality leads, leads with a low-win percentage, high-win percentage and therefore if you’re just optimizing for lead volume through analytics then this is not optimal.

So what’s the solution?

Well enter the Google Analytics Salesforce connector. So the first thing to note about this is that this works out of the box with Google Analytics 360. That’s the paid version of Analytics. What it does is that it links directly with Salesforce, so that when a lead is generated, that passes directly into Salesforce and the two systems create a link so that the record in Salesforce is directly linked with the record in Google Analytics 360. Therefore, as you progress that lead into an opportunity as the win percentage goes up, as hopefully you close that business, all of those events are passed back to Google Analytics and therefore through your Analytics Dashboards you can start to optimize for business value instead of just lead volume.

There’s two major benefits of this. The first thing is you can start to focus in on those keywords, those campaigns, those landing pages that deliver highest business value, not just lead volume. So that’s a major leap forward.

The second thing is, using Google Analytics 360 and it’s advanced audience targeting capabilities, you can start to market to people that “look like” like your potential customers, so you can start to learn from the people who are delivering good opportunities, and you can market to people who look like them.

So I mentioned that this is only available with Google Analytics 360 and that’s true, out of the box, this integration only works with Google Analytics 360 and Salesforce. But don’t despair, because if you have standard Analytics and Salesforce or indeed standard analytics and any other CRM, all of this is still possible, it just takes a little bit more integration. We’ve even done this for bespoke CRMs and it all works perfectly.

If you’d like to know more, please get in touch. My names Ian Harris from Search Laboratory, and thanks very much for listening.