The brief


VisitBritain Shop is the official shop of the British Tourist Authority, selling quintessentially British products, from travel and transport passes to theatre and attraction tickets.

VisitBritain Shop chose to work with Search Laboratory due to its in-house native linguists who would add cultural sensitivity to the client’s search marketing campaigns.


increase in paid search profit


increase in organic search revenue


increase in ROI from organic search

The solution



  • After auditing the campaign, the team worked on implementing hreflang markup on the site, to ensure users were being served the correct language page
  • Concentrated on boosting authority of the site as resellers were ranking well for their products
  • Created useful content guides for people travelling to the UK and used this content across multiple languages giving a consistent strategy internationally across the organic search campaign:
  • Airport transfer guide
  • Harry Potter location guides
  • How to bring your dog to the UK



  • Utilized Search Laboratory’s native linguists to get a better understanding of country-specific campaigns
  • Built keyword lists using cultural understanding rather than translation
  • Restructured campaigns to create smaller groups with more relevant adtext
  • Using BidLab across the accounts we manage now to maximize revenue profitably
  • Focus on expansion and testing of new products/markets

The results




VisitBritain Shop’s French, German and Italian organic search campaigns’ revenue has grown by 40% compared to the previous year and a return on investment of 115% was achieved.



After over three years of working with Search Laboratory, VisitBritain Shop’s PPC campaign showed healthy improvements such as 53% increase in sales and revenue (YoY) and 55% increase in profit.

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