Joining Offline Conversions to Online Clicks (Webinar)

Attribution is hard. And it gets even harder when your buying cycle includes online activity and offline sales or conversions.


In this webinar by Paul Shearing, our Head of Analytics and Data Science, we use real-world examples to show how offline sales can be pushed back into Google Analytics, allowing you to value more accurately the role each marketing channel played in generating the sale.


The webinar looks at a number of different scenarios from both B2B and B2C perspectives, where a business’ sales cycle encompasses a number of online and offline touchpoints, including:

  • Lead generation campaigns
  • Free samples
  • Catalogue requests
  • Free trials
  • and phone sales.

Paul Shearing

Head of Analytics and Data Science

Paul has worked at Search Laboratory since 2005 and leads the analytics and data science team. Having started in paid search, Paul is an expert in Google Analytics 360 and also specialises in conversion optimization. He works with our clients to drive value from analytics and how to utilize the advanced features in Google Analytics 360, and has been involved in many analytics migration projects.

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Joining offline conversions to online clicks, Search Laboratory webinar, screenshot.

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