What is Business Intelligence and how can it transform your business? (Podcast)

In this episode, the team is joined by Heidrun Luyt, former Chief Marketing Officer of FTSE 250 online trading firm, IG Group. Together they discuss what business intelligence actually is, the ways in which data gathering has transformed over the years and how a myriad of data sources are then used to create a data-driven digital strategy. The episode explores examples of what can be done with BI and the various tools that can be used at different stages in your business intelligence journey.


Topics of discussion:

  • The evolution of data gathering and reporting
  • How to know when you need better infrastructure for your data
  • The different tools you can use and how they work together to enrich and visualize your data
  • Real case examples of what you can do with BI on a business level
  • The impact it can have on your bottom line.


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Joining this podcast are:

Ian Harris

Founder and Executive Chairman

Michael Walkden

Head of Business Intelligence

Jimmy McCann

Head of Digital Strategy

We’re also joined by…

Heidrun Luyt, Former CMO of IG Group

Heidrun has significant international marketing strategy and delivery experience across the fintech, retail, consumer goods, and health and leisure industries.


In her former role as Chief Marketing Officer for FTSE250 online trading firm IG Group, Heidrun led her teams to drive high commercial impact, optimizing return on investment by following an end-to-end marketing strategy, enabled by clear customer and marketplace insight, agile experimentation, technology and data.

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