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It’s certainly not a new concept to treat others as you would expect to be treated. But it’s a core value on which, Search Laboratory Ltd CEO has built his company, and so far, it’s been rather successful.

Recently winning Best Employer, awarded by the Best Business Awards, Search Laboratory is thrilled that its simple approach – honesty and respect – has won the hearts and minds of its employees.

Search Laboratory’s commitment to the wellbeing of its employees has undoubtedly facilitated its growth and success. From 2008 – 2010 the company has more than doubled turnover and has expanded rapidly.

The age old saying that is at the heart of the business is ‘Treat others as you would expect to be treated’. This is a benchmark to be applied to everything we do both internally and externally. In an office of between 20-30 employees at any one time the atmosphere remains calm, friendly and pulsating with life. The company has a great social side, whether it’s playing with The Lab Rats, the five-a-side football team, or a couple of free drinks after work on a Friday at the local watering hole, there is plenty going on if you want to get involved.

Jimmy McCann,(Search Engine Optimisation) Manager, said: “It’s a really friendly and happy working environment; everyone gets on. You feel really valued and you are rewarded for your hard work. We were taken out for a meal when the company did well one month. Nice surprises like that mean a lot.”

Search Laboratory's Best Companies to Work for Award 2023.

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Search Laboratory receives special award after appearing in ‘Best Companies to Work For’ list for tenth time

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