Search Lab’s Winter Wonderland Ball

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This year Search Lab’s Christmas party was held at the Leeds Hilton Hotel, filled with lots of snowflakes and ice sculptures to fit the ‘Winter Wonderland’ theme.


It has been a big year for Search Laboratory, we’ve made it into the Sunday Times 100, were shortlisted for two awards for our work with clients (The Priory and Tiger Sheds), launched our sister RTB company Bid.Media and moved into our amazing new offices! What a nice way to celebrate this all as a company.

So let’s move onto the winners of our very own awards.

The Inspiration Award


Sophie Reardon has learnt and developed herself from no experience in PR to being on the contact list of mainstream journalists. She has a massive knowledge of online media, influencers, trending concepts and consumes content at a monstrous rate.

The Helping Others Award


Alice Lawson, always happy to support anyone, meets every deadline and works to a high standard. I know every project is in good hands with her.

The Extra Mile Award


Phillip Black carries out work beyond what is expected of him, taking work home and making himself available for clients, evenings and weekends.

The Respect Award


Leanne Orr, kind and considerate, Leanne is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met, she always thinks about how people in her team feel. She is a great listener and no matter what people bring her way she always cares and understands.

Most Valuable Employee Award


Freia Muehlenbein, continuously driving change and important new developments forward as well as the company’s reputation internally and externally, while staying cool, calm and collected.

The Innovation Award


Paul Gill, developing Search Lab’s RTB offering, recognising an opportunity in the moment and proactively developing his vision with this opportunity.

The Altruism Award


Alison Mann, selfless concern for the well-being of others. Always helping to improve the company and doing things off her own back.

laura clarke

Left to right: Laura Clarke, Danielle Birch and Nicola Winters

matt f

Left to right: Karl Young, Dave Harrison, Mike Turner, Myke Whittle, Matt Chappell and Matt Foster

ian harris

Left to right: Arisara Quinn, Rachael Murdoch, Ian Harris, Leanne Orr, Sasha Hanau and Alex Frascina

a new office in Austin, Texas

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