BTRS logoBrain Tumour Research and Support is a Yorkshire based charity dedicated to raising money to fund research into brain tumour treatment, with an ultimate goal of finding a cure. As well as research into the dreadful disease BTRS also offer help and support to patients and their families alike.

Around 9,000 new cases of primary brain tumours are diagnosed in the UK each year. Across Yorkshire and the Humber it is estimated there are 1,000 patients diagnosed each year and around 50 of these will be children.

BTRS use the money they raise throughout the year to:

  • Raise funds to support specific and dedicated research projects into the treatment and cure of child and adult brain tumours, and to ensure that all research is written up for publication and communicated with other charities and research organisations.
  • Provide grants or financial assistance to brain tumour patients and their carers.
  • Provide equipment and apparatus to hospital wards, patients or research centres.

Search Laboratory chose to support BTRS as their nominated charity of the year for 2014 due to the moving story of one of our Content & Online PR team, Charlotte Shearman, and her own personal involvement with the charity. Read Charlotte's story below.

Charlotte's story

Charlotte and her DadIn October 2011 my family's world was rocked when my dad Andrew was diagnosed with a brain tumour. The prognosis was poor and we soon learned that the tumour was malignant, a grade 4 Glioblastoma, which was terminal and inoperable with a short life expectancy.

The next 12 months were to be the most challenging we had ever faced as a family as my dad underwent six weeks of intensive radiotherapy and chemotherapy in order to slow down the growth of the cancer. The treatment left him with horrendous side effects (particularly cognitive ones) which lasted for a long period of time.

It was at his lowest point – when he felt that he had undergone the debilitating treatment for nothing – that my parents went along to a BTRS support group. My dad was not keen at first but after spending a few hours chatting to people in a similar situation to himself he felt a renewed determination and change in attitude towards his diagnosis. Since then we have been stronger as a family (along with my younger brother Tom) and we all consider BTRS to be an extended part of our family.

Towards the end of 2012 my dad’s cognitive issues had all but cleared and at this point, two years on, the tumour has responded well to treatment and remains ‘stable’. We continue to attend the monthly support groups, and BTRS remain a huge encouragement to my dad who knows that his tumour will come back at some stage.

When I found out that we were able to put forward our chosen charity for the Search Lab's ‘Charity of the Year 2014’ I felt that the spirit of BTRS would be the perfect fit. BTRS continue to be a huge part of my life personally and I will feel forever in debt to the brilliant support groups for giving my dad his desire to fight the cancer back, so naturally, I wanted to support them in any way I could.

As any Google search of the term ‘Brain Tumour’ will tell you, the statistics of survival for patients are frightening with only one in three surviving for longer than five years after diagnosis. BTRS being chosen as the Search Laboratory Charity of the Year means that we can help towards trying to find a reason and a cause for this devastating disease.

To find out more information about the charity or donate to their cause, please visit