Future-proofing attribution for B2B marketers online workshop

What is this workshop about?


As a B2B marketer, you know that measuring the impact of your marketing efforts can be challenging. With so many touchpoints along the buyer’s journey, it can be difficult to determine which channels and tactics are driving the most valuable conversions.


In this on-demand workshop, we dive into the world of attribution and explore the common obstacles B2B marketers face. We discuss how to overcome these and develop data-driven attribution solutions that accurately measure the impact of your marketing efforts, so you can streamline your activity and invest budgets more efficiently.

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What you will learn:


  • The common attribution challenges faced by B2B marketers and how to overcome them
  • How to centralise your online and offline data so you have a full view of your most valuable channels and where to invest budgets
  • How to harness predictive modelling to estimate the value of your customers and various touchpoints
  • How to develop a data-driven attribution model that accurately measures the impact of your marketing efforts

To supplement your learnings from the workshop, feel free to download our whitepaper: Searching for future-proofed solutions for B2B marketers.




Meet your speakers


David Howlett, Data Solutions Architect


David has worked at Search Laboratory for eight years, starting in paid media and then moving into digital strategy. Currently a Data Solutions Architect, his experience is centred around utilising the power of cloud-based solutions (BigQuery, TensorFlow) to successfully extrapolate and model value within our clients’ data. He’s worked with a multitude of B2B clients, including UiPath, Furniture@Work and B2C brands such as Office, Bonhams and Ann Summers.


Chris Attewell, CEO


Chris joined Search Laboratory in 2012 and has helped clients, including VISA, glh Hotels and Citrix to grow their online traffic and revenue during that time. As CEO, Chris provides strategic leadership and direction for Search Laboratory’s operations in the UK and the US, working with clients and internal teams to deliver profitable online customer acquisition campaigns across multiple countries.​

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