Top five international digital marketing fails (Webinar)

What is this webinar about?


Going global is not an easy task. Being able to successfully do this across multiple markets, languages and cultures takes careful planning and execution.

This webinar breaks down the elements for effective global targeting and gives insights on best practice, common mistakes and assumptions established brands tend to have made.


The top fails we will be covering are:

  • Trying too much at once
  • Translation automation
  • Errors in hreflang code
  • Spreading budget too thinly
  • Assuming brand awareness.

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You will learn how to:


  • Identify which markets present the biggest opportunity
  • Fully localise a site for users to increase ROI
  • Understand how to implement technical onsite considerations
  • The difference in cost for acquiring new customers vs re-targeting existing customers
  • Build your brand vs focusing on specific keywords

A photo of Nicola Winters, Head of International at Search Laboratory digital marketing agency.

Meet your speaker

Nicola Winters

Head of International, Search Laboratory

Nicola heads up our international digital marketing team of mother tongue linguists from across the globe. Nicola’s expertise is in understanding the cultural factors behind search and online behaviour, and her team works in over 35 languages for clients including Citrix, Office Depot and Hootsuite. She successfully ran this talk at the Digital Summit Series in Seattle, Boston, Chicago, Dallas and Internet Summit Raleigh throughout 2018.

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