What is Google Market Finder: My Export Score?



Google Market Finder is a free platform that aims to help companies identify international opportunities and the necessary operational steps needed to expand into new global markets. The platform provides valuable insights which can help businesses to identify new markets and any barriers to entry.


Google has recently released a new tool within Market Finder, My Export Score. This is a free report which combines data from Google Analytics, Google Ads and SimilarWeb to create a ‘market readiness’ score, alongside a breakdown of your website’s international performance and any next steps.

To get your report, you simply head to My Export Score by Market Finder, input your URL, connect your Google accounts, and answer a series of questions relating to your international operations.

After a brief overview, the report is split into three main sections:


  • Competitive Position
  • Operational Ability
  • Marketing Performance

Competitive Position


This section is “an assessment of your potential for success in specific sectors in international markets”. You are given an overall score (ranging from weak to strong), as well as individual scores for each area looked at, which are: how competitive markets are in your industry, how high demand is, how well you are performing in your domestic market, and additional insights on traffic breakdown and organic vs paid media.


As well as the scores, the report gives areas to work on and “did you know” snippets of top-level information.

Operational Ability


This section looks at practical factors including logistics and customer care to assess your “export readiness”, with scores again ranging from weak to strong. The areas looked at includes localization, payment fit, payment method, customer care, logistics and delivery. Insights are top-level but useful for flagging up potential issues that are relevant to your website and markets.

Marketing Performance


In this section, Google assesses how much impact your current marketing efforts will have as you become “export ready”.


Areas it covers are: your website’s existing international demand and traffic, international paid traffic and how effective your international campaign targeting is, ecommerce capability, brand development index and category development index, and additional insights on your share of domestic vs international traffic and organic vs paid media over the last year.

You have got your report – what now?


Market Finder’s My Export Score is a great starting point for understanding which markets hold opportunities for your business and how you can improve your readiness to expand into these markets.


Once you have your report, you can find more in-depth resources and guides on entering new markets within the Market Finder platform.


Both Market Finder and My Export Score are great tools for businesses considering international expansion; they highlight areas to focus on and how expansion involves so much more than simply translating your website content.

Market entry


While these tools are useful, it is important to understand that these are just tools to help expansion, not definitive guides on how to launch into new markets. For international success, you need to carry out much more in-depth research and planning – from a thorough look at your analytics and ads data to see where opportunities might lie, to having native speaking digital marketing experts carry out thorough market analysis to pinpoint every cultural, linguistical, logistical and legal nuance in new markets so you can minimize the risks that come with international expansion.

Measurement and scaling


Your international expansion strategy doesn’t stop the minute you launch into new markets. Creating a digital strategy and KPIs which are aligned with your expansion goals is key to ongoing growth and success.

Search Laboratory has been operating in international markets since we first opened our doors in 2005, and we have carried out campaigns across all channels in over 30 countries and 35 languages. We have a huge number of resources written by our international digital marketing experts on preparing for international success here.

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