Cookies and tracking: what it means for marketers (Podcast)

In this podcast episode, our experts discuss the updates to cookies and ITP (Intelligent Tracking Prevention) and the specific difficulties caused for marketers. The team also explore some of the potential solutions to these issues and what the future of digital marketing could look like with the increase in changes to online privacy.


Topics of discussion:

  • The background on ITP, what it means for marketers and the difference between the cookie laws and ITP
  • The growing pressure on companies from governments and consumers surrounding how customer data is tracked and used
  • Areas of impact for paid media on audiences and attribution
  • How this affects the overall view of the customer journey in analytics
  • The influence of these updates to A/B testing and personalization efforts on websites
  • and workarounds to these issues using first-party data


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Joining this podcast are:

Ian Harris

Founder and Executive Chairman

Paul Shearing

Head of Analytics and Data Science

Pete Whitmarsh

Head of Paid Media

Jimmy McCann

Head of Digital Strategy

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