Give Google real time search its own homepage


Mark Jones

Technical SEO

If you’ve ever seen Google’s Real Time Search in action, you’ll know how great this feature is.

Having the ability to view live news stories the moment they are published is amazing.


Facebook updates and Twitter posts can be displayed seconds after they are posted in Google SERPs, which is ideal if you are wanting to find out what discussions are currently taking place for a particluar topic.

If there is a massive news story sweeping through all the major news providers, chances are Real Time Search Results will display in the SERPs. However, what if you wanted to find out news for smaller news events or a particular person / random topic and want to find out what others are saying on the matter? Real Time Search won’t be displayed in the SERPs due to it not being major news.

Instead you have to:

1) Enter your search query

2) Click More on the left menu

3) Then click updates

4) Real Time Results are now displayed.

This method just seems messy and time consuming.

If you want to search for an image on Google you can use Google Images. Alternatively you might want to search for a video and use Google Videos.

Why not have give Real Time Search its own homepage, for example

This would allow more people to use the feature and take advantage of its many benefits.

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