New Features in Google Adwords Editor Version 9.0


Patrick Swaddle


Last week, Google released AdWords Editor Version 9.0, with some nice new features to help manage your AdWords accounts more efficiently. The main new features include improved management of negative keywords, a simplified Import CSV and Add/Update Multiple changes tool, a more specific system for targeting high end mobile devices and full support for Ad Sitelinks.

Here’s a quick run through of each of the new features and how they will benefit you as an AdWords account user:

Improved negative keyword management:

  • The Negatives tab has been removed and replaced with a Positives/Negatives toggle button within the Keywords, Placements and Audiences tabs to allow easier location and management of your negative keywords.
  • In addition to your normal keywords, you can also use the Select Duplicates button for negatives within the Duplicate Keywords view.

Ad Sitelink management:

  • Beneath your normal ad, if you want to include Ad Sitelinks to pages other than your landing page (to promotions or more specific product pages for example), you can manage these within AdWords Editor 9.0.
  • Easily import Ad Sitelinks using either the Add/Update tool or import directly using a CSV/HTML or XML file, which can then be edited and uploaded within the interface.

Improved high-end mobile targeting:

  • To specifically target Android, iPhone, iPad or Palm operating systems for your adverts you can now target these in your Campaign Settings.

Simplified Add/Update Multiple and Import CSV tools:

  • You can now enter data with the columns in any order when using the Add/Update Multiple tool to save time, providing the appropriate column headers are assigned.
  • When using the Import CSV tool, it is now possible to import From File in addition to being able to Paste Text.

Changes to multiple account and MCC management:

  • A new drop-down menu showing recently accessed accounts for easy identification.
  • The option to sort and search for multiple accounts within Add/Manage Accounts.
  • The option to select and remove multiple accounts, again within Add/Manage Accounts.

If you have not already upgraded your AdWords Editor, you will be prompted to upon logging in. If you have unposted changes that you will be using later then make sure you backup before doing so to avoid losing any work. The backup files will be saved to the following locations:

Windows XP: C:Documents and Settings{username}Local SettingsApplication DataGoogleAdWords-EditorProfilesauto-backup

Windows 7: C:Users{username}AppDataLocalGoogleAdWords-EditorProfilesauto-backup

Mac: HDD/Users/{username}/Library/Caches/AdWords-Editor/Profiles/auto-backup

Your accounts will all have to be downloaded again after upgrading as well, so give yourself plenty of time if you need to work on some larger accounts!

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