PEER 1 Hosting and Search Laboratory help online advertisers increase ROI


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Press Release: Hosting and search marketing company show how to increase the impact of online advertising budgets at Internet World, London

PEER 1 Hosting, the global online IT hosting provider and Search Laboratory, are showing visitors to Internet World, how to increase ROI from online advertising by helping reduce unnecessary ad spend.

Slow page loading times impact on ad spend because Google scores PPC advertisers on the quality of their website and adverts. A slow page loading time will decrease advertiser’s Google ‘Quality Score’ and thus increase the cost of advertising in the top paid positions.

These insights on how to maximise the profit from your website will be discussed on stand E4000 at Internet World, Earls Court, London from 24 – 26 April 2012. Experts will be on hand to provide demonstrations, advice and consultation on how to make Google work harder for your website through better hosting and SEO.

Search Laboratory’s new business director, John Readman comments:

“Where a company hosts its website becomes increasingly significant when dealing with digital marketing spend. Based on Google’s standards, pages need to load no more than 3 seconds slower than the regional average to prevent a lower ranking by Google. The slower the site the more it will be penalised on a pay per click basis, whilst the SEO ranking will also suffer for the same reason.”

PEER 1’s managing director, Dominic Monkhouse comments:

“Page load times are critical to success in terms of getting customers to and keeping them on a web page. The worst effect of slow site speed is that buying customers (that a company has paid to get to its site) leave as they have to wait too long for content to load. A site can have the most exciting and creative PPC or SEO campaign, but if the site is let down at the last hurdle by its hosting provider, the conversion will have been lost.”

Readman continues: “To ensure our customers don’t face these challenges we’ve partnered with PEER 1 Hosting, who have a dedicated 10GB/s FastFiber Network across 18 global data centres, and a RapidEdge CDNâ, which delivers international content incredibly fast and efficiently.”

To find out more about why Google hates a slowcoach and how to make your website make more money, visit both teams on stand E4000 at Internet World or visit

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