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My time working at Search Laboratory

My work experience placement has been with the company ‘Search Laboratory’ on Shadwell Lane next to Moortown Primary School. The company which is internet based, works within a number of areas including PPC (pay per click), which is mainly to do with advertising on Google and SEO (search engine optimisation).

Over the first two days I worked with Alison, the Office Manager, on a range of tasks including ordering stationary, checking and collecting items needed for company meetings and I also had the opportunity to proof read articles, which people within the company had written. I enjoyed doing these jobs as it was very different from days at school. At school my teacher does a lot of the organising and talking – I have to listen and absorb the information. At Search Laboratory I was able to do lots of things for myself and I really enjoyed this.

The office has a very calm and relaxing feel and all of the staff are very pleasant and approachable. One good example of this was when I needed help, as the staff were willing to help and were really friendly to me. The company has been awarded several accolades, the one which stuck out most for me was that Search Laboratory was voted the 10th best company to work for by the Sunday Times and I completely agree that they deserved to win.

The office is more than a workplace; it is a community. I know that the people in it have their own certain role, however everyone knows each other and gets along well. This close bond makes it feel as if it is a group of friends working together in the office.

I hope that when I begin working in a couple of years time, I will be able to work in a company which also has this warm and friendly atmosphere. It certainly makes working much easier and more enjoyable.

Posted by Ben L on behalf of Anthony Keeney


Search Laboratory's Best Companies to Work for Award 2023.

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