Our Reet Canny SEO Lasse Goes Viral


Sasha Hanau

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Not just talented at SEO, Search Laboratory’s Leanne Orr has had a blinding week on YouTube.

Proud of her Geordie roots, Leanne and her best friend Sophie (who have been playing guitar and singing together for some time in band ‘May Arcade‘), decided to write a cover of this year’s hit song by Carly Rae Jepson ‘Call Me Maybe‘.

If you haven’t seen it online yet one might ask where you have been the last few days as it’s plastered all over the social networks; Facebook, Twitter and YouTube! The video went viral overnight, jumping from 30 views to over 40,000 in less than 24 hours. Today, just a few days in, the figure is over 250,000 and we can see why (in fact I have had to rewrite this post three times because the figures keep more than doubling each time I look!). The track which replaces the lyrics of the original song with North-East Geordie slang, has resulted in masses of media attention, including requests for interviews from local and national press including Sky and the BBC. The girls have even been asked to perform for our troops returning from war torn Afghanistan. Search Laboratory is extremely proud of Leanne and is supporting her success fully (even though we also secretly hoping she doesn’t leave us to be a fully-fledged pop star too soon)!

Neither Leanne nor Sophie expected the response the cover has generated. Despite playing guitar and singing for over four years, uploading several covers to YouTube; this video was originally purely for fun. The pair started writing their own music last year and frankly we think they are pretty talented!

Working in On-Page SEO Leanne would usually be more involved in the technical aspects of SEO however it’s pretty clear she knows a thing or two about how to get videos to go viral as well! The story is testament to how real, genuine and interesting content can fly with literally no budget (as long as you have some natural talent of course).

Leanne – everyone at Search Laboratory is ‘proper’ proud and we hope you’ll grant us all front row seats at your first concert!

Watch Leanne’s Geordie version of Call Me Maybe for yourself:


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