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Octobers social wasn’t for the faint hearted as the team sought to take on a new challenge at the Leeds Climbing Wall. Based on the outskirts of Leeds the climbing wall boasted 63 belay points, 4500 holds over 200 different routes, offering challenges for both the petrified beginners and professional adrenaline junkies.

The team get to grips with the basics

The instructors were fantastic running through the basics and, during practice, coming to the individuals aid (in circumstances that can only be viewed as comical in hindsight). The name of the game was team work with everyone being split up into teams of three. Each team was responsible for each others safety whilst on the climbing walls. One team member would be climbing, one would be belaying (securing their partner by anchoring the rope) and the other team member guiding the rope out of harms way.

Shehla, Leslie and Michael showed us how its done

For some staff the challenge of scaling the smallest wall was an achievement, with many facing their phobia of heights and progressing onto tougher and more difficult routes. Others were more confident and reached for the stars taking on some of the biggest and the toughest routes on the course. Working as a team was essential and it was nice to see everyone communicating and supporting each member of staff whilst on the wall.

India and Daniel taking on the tough climb

The constant climbing tested our spirit, strength and determination. This was one of the most physical socials we have had and by the end of the session we were ready for a well-earned cup of tea and a sit down.

Exhausted but happy, the team hang up their ropes

The social was a huge success with staff enjoying some time on the free climbing wall. This presented an opportunity for staff to show off the skills they had learnt from the instructors on a low wall without the security of a ropes or support.

Karl shows his skills free climbing

Everyone would like to thank the Social Committee for arranging this months activity and their continued efforts towards providing a diverse range of activities for all the members of staff to enjoy each month. November is shaping up to be another exciting month at Search Laboratory as next up a team of twenty will take on the Abbey Dash in support of our charity of the year, Candle Lighters.

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