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Cedric Farineau

Technical SEO Consultant


At Search Laboratory we manage SEO and PPC campaigns for clients across six continents (we’re still eagerly awaiting our first campaign in Antarctica!), dozens of languages and numerous different search engines, so we like to stay up to date with what’s going on in the global search industries.

The original plan was to have one all-encompassing blog every month covering the latest multilingual SEO and PPC updates, but there’s simply too much information to restrict to just one post.

Instead we’ve broken down the updates into blogs on individual countries, starting with our closest neighbours France.

Google Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs)

Google has recently added a green arrow on the right site of the URL, which will allow the user to see similar pages on the topic they are researching and to share on Google +.

In another update, a French watchdog responsible for digital users rights is looking to amend a future law so that the right to be forgotten online should include being de-indexed by SERPs.

The CNIL is adamant the law about citizens rights to have their information removed from any official documents should include SERPs. For more on this topic read here.

Author Rank And Google+

There has been a lot of conjecture globally about just what affect Author Rank and Google+ has on the search rankings. But a French blogger has accidentally proved what a difference Author Rank can make to the SERPs after he inadvertently deleted his authorship for his blog on Google+ and saw a massive drop in traffic, as shown below.

Google Helps SMEs

In a world premiere and unique initiative Google has launched a national training programme to help small businesses in France with their ecommerce. France, in terms of companies selling or being present online, is ranked 21st amongst the 27 countries who signed on the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

Lille in northern France has already started the programme and a dozen Google coaches are now taking appointments with small companies to train them on all aspects of ecommerce. Google Adwords, Google Address and Google+ are the main topics but the programme will also include social media and how to create a website. The aim is to get in touch with 100,000 professionals nationwide.


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