Careers Speed Dating at Leeds Metropolitan University


Louise Fletcher

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I was recently asked by my old lecturer to represent Search Laboratory at the Leeds Metropolitan “Careers Speed Dating” event. The event was put on to help second and third-year students realise the different career paths open to them once they have graduated.

Careers Speed Dating at Leeds Metropolitan University

With digital industries going from strength to strength, SEO is an ever-expanding and interesting career path to follow. However, from speaking to current students it seemed like one which they didn’t know much about. A question that came up again and again was, “What do you actually do on a day-to-day basis?”

So, to help demystify the role of a Content and Online PR Executive within an SEO company, I have put together a quick guide to what our job actually entails on a typical day:



Creating content ideas for clients always starts with in-depth research. This ensures that we produce valuable and informative articles which people will want to read.

Researching the industries our clients are involved in allows us to see what topics are newsworthy and is also a great way to find influential figures we can approach for help. Adding these authoritative voices to an article adds to the value of the piece.


From fashion designers to university professors, we interview influential figures to get the inside scoop on the latest developments and trends. This ensures that our content has both style and substance, making it a worthwhile resource.


Content Creation

Once we have our idea and an influencers input, it is time to create the content. This might be in a written article, or could take on a more creative form, such as an infographic or video.

Content Amplification

There’s not much point in creating brilliant content if nobody knows it exists. After our articles have been published, we source websites where our content would be a valuable resource to its readers.

We would also implement this for existing content on our client’s websites. For instance, if a client was running a blogger competition, we would make sure that the relevant bloggers within that niche were informed.


The discipline of journalism has many transferable skills needed for all the tasks mentioned and it is easy to see why three of last years journalism graduates are now part of the COPR team at Search Laboratory.



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