How to be the Queen B of content marketing


Shannon Berry

Content Marketing

Incredible vocal range and twerking aside, there are a few lessons we could all learn from Beyoncé:

Be Irreplaceable

Don’t make the mistake of thinking you are Irreplaceable. There’s a magnitude of other agencies out there just waiting to pounce on your clients. By continuing to provide relevant, researched and creative content your client is less likely to declare “I can have another you by tomorrow” or “You can pack all your bags we’re finished!” Can you see where this is going?

Be Crazy In Love with your client

Not many celebrity relationships stand the test of time but Beyoncé and Jay-Z aren’t doing too badly. Take this attitude when entering a relationship with a client. Be in it for the long run. Sometimes the first date doesn’t always go as you’d like, but persevere and learn to love the funny looking music mogul or whoever your client may be. If you exude passion for their brand they’ll fall Crazy In Love With You. (Uh oh, uh oh, uh oh, oh no no)

Beyonce and Jay-Z

Work it on the Video Phone

Introducing the “visual album”. With no marketing or pre-warning, Beyoncé released her fifth solo album on iTunes in December 2013 and it went straight to number one. The shock tactic didn’t end there though as the album includes more videos than it does songs.

Video, when done right, can provide great content and is a fantastic way of reaching people. Even if the most hi-tech equipment you have to hand is your phone, get your director hat on.


It doesn’t bite! Speaking to people on the phone gets results, faster. It also allows you to create a better relationship between yourself and your outreach. You’ve got a personality, unfortunately this can often get lost over email. Pick up the phone and talk to people. However, keep one thing in mind – your aim is to come across more Beyoncé than Gaga!

Beyonce and Lady Gaga


Listen to your target audience. Through thorough research you can establish their likes, their dislikes, their preferred medium of contact and what news is currently triggering their emotions. This will enable you to pick up on appropriate trends and developments and mould your content to make it valuable and appealing to your audience. The last thing we want to hear from our desired audience is “Now I’m done believing you. You don’t know what I’m feeling”.

You are Sasha Fierce, don’t be afraid to show it!

Don’t just rely on traditional marketing and PR. Remember that you only have a couple of seconds to capture someones attention so be canny. Learn a lesson from Queen B and take a unique approach; dont fear trying something new. SEO and good content is ever evolving so you need to be too.