How much does the UK trust Google?


Joseph Fitzpatrick

Technical SEO

The British public trusts search engines more than their partners, family and friends, our research has found. We asked 2000 adults in the UK who they would trust the most to provide them with the answer to a question, Google, partner or other – and the response was overwhelmingly in favour of the search engine.

Our study also looked at how many times the average person uses Google during an average working day, with Londoners searching the most frequently (3.48) and those from the East Midlands the least amount of times (2.03).

We also examined how the public verifies breaking news with again Google coming out as the most popular method nearly five times more popular than social media. Likewise friends, partners and family.

The below graphic shows some of our key findings including how both age and gender affect how much we trust and use Google.

How Much Does the UK Trust Google?

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