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Last week we held our first International Digital Marketing Conference at The Royal Institution in London with Google. The morning event aimed to show our audience the scope of the global online opportunity and how to maximise the success of their digital marketing campaigns. From localising vs. translating, to understanding cultural differences – it is important to know what the subtle nuances that exist between global markets are in order to ensure success in new markets.

At the event we launched our latest piece of research on the state of international digital marketing in the UK which was compiled using an independent survey we had commissioned of 500 UK businesses with over 50 employees. Some of the findings were simply shocking. Of those asked, 40% didn’t believe that communicating with customers in their native language was important.

To find out why this approach will simply not deliver the return you need, take a look at the slides from last week’s event below. You can download the full whitepaper here. Videos of the complete presentations will be available shortly.

Cracking the World’s Largest Ecommerce Markets

Alex Blaikley, Industry Head from Google, spoke about the world’s largest ecommerce markets – the UK, US, Germany and China. Due to the perception that British brands are synonymous with high quality, there is a real opportunity for UK brands to successfully go global online.

Localising Your Site

Ian Harris, our CEO, spoke on how simply translating your site is not effective. Without localisation you could be missing the the biggest opportunities in your market and without your translation agency and digital agency working together you could be constantly duplicating or overwriting work.

International Biddable Media

PPC and display advertising can be the a great first step to launching your brand overseas if you are not a recognisable brand or your product is something new to the market. Find out what considerations you need to take into account when optimising your account for another language including all important cultural nuances, and see how some of the world’s biggest brands have failed to do this correctly with embarrassing results.

International Technical SEO

If you’ve decided to take the plunge and take your company international then it is not just as simple as duplicating your site and localising it. What domain structure will you use, how do you direct Google and users alike to the right content for them? Technical SEO fundamentals must be implemented, so let Jamie White, Head of Technical SEO, talk you through the basics.

Content vs. Audiences: Translate vs. Localise

With some pieces of content there is a universal appeal that transcends language. However, to get this content noticed in the right places, by the right people at the right time you have to be able to localise your outreach plan. Freia Muehlenbein, Head of Content & Online PR, gives examples of how with the right campaign and a tailored approach for each market, global success can be achieved.

Effective International Campaign Management

With any international campaign the management of it and the team running it is often the most crucial element for success but is also often overlooked. From recruiting the right people to ensuring the correct skills and tools are present, the role of the International Project Manager is a hard one to fill. Julia Dettler, Head of International, shares her own experiences of doing just this.

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