Search engine marketing in 2016 | #DLMLeeds


Laura Britten

Head of Marketing

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Last week our CEO, Ian Harris, gave a talk at Digital Leaders Masterclass in Leeds on the topic of Search in 2016.

Key takeaways were:

  • The tools at the disposal of digital marketers today are incredibly advanced and sometimes overwhelming.
  • Keep focus on what you are trying to achieve: converting customers.  However, there are more opportunities than ever before to nurture and monetise your entire audience.
  • Understand the levels of intent: action intent, research intent, and related intent.  Deal with these people appropriately.
  • Engage and retarget using email, social, search and programmatic, overlaying demographic data to further value your bids.
  • Your life will not be complete until you have a Slap Chop (although higher quality alternatives exist).  See video below.

If you have any questions for us (Slap Chop related or not) you can contact us on ++44 113 212 1211.

Search in 2016 – Ian’s slides

Slap Chop

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