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Every year, new superfood trends grip the nation, and 2017 is no different. Across the UK, millions of people have already been searching for the latest trends and recipes online, desperate to find out what health benefits these new foods might bring.

But, which superfoods are the most popular, and where? We collected Google trends data on some of 2017’s biggest superfoods to find out what’s being searched for the most, and which cities should be crowned the UK Superfood Capitals. See our findings and methodology below:

UK superfood search capitals

UK Superfood Search Capitals

Surprised at our results? Do you have any predictions for superfood trends in 2017? Let us know on Twitter @searchlabs If you want to find out more about using search data and analysing the results, please contact us.


UK’s Favourite Superfoods: 10 superfoods were selected based on their appearance in online media’s superfood predictions of 2017. Average monthly search volume for each superfood was then acquired from Google’s Keyword Planner, foods were then ranked accordingly.

UKs Superfood Search Capitals: Used Google Trends data to find the top 10 ranked cities for each of the top 10 superfoods found in the previous ranking. Cities were then given a score based on how many of the top 10 lists they appeared in and a weighted score based on their average position. Total scores were added up to give the overall top 10.

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