This week in digital

Rachel Perry

This week in digital

YouTube gets a brand new look

An exciting new logo and icon were unveiled this week for online video platform, YouTube. The new logo has been designed to work better across a variety of devic

es and screen sizes. The red box, which used to surround the word Tube, has moved to a play button at the start of the logo and the typeface has also been slightly tweaked too.

Along with the new logo, YouTube also announced a whole set of new features and updates, including a new desktop version with an option of a dark theme, and an option to speed up or slow down videos.

Watch the video below to see more.

Instagram’s verified users targeted

It’s been a bad week for celebrities after a number of famous faces were the victims of a cyber attack on Instagram. The cyber attackers targeted verified users for their email addresses and phone numbers. The incident is being blamed on a flaw in the company’s software.

The social network hasn’t stated how many accounts have been affected, but has warned verified users to be vigilant. Selena Gomez’s Instagram was hacked on Monday, with the social network confirming it was a result of the bug in their software.

Amazon’s influencer program gets underway

Amazon’s Influencer Program has launched a self service tool for YouTube vloggers. The idea behind the program is that social media influencers sign up and earn commission for the Amazon products they promote.

The program was previously in a beta mode but has now launched as a full self service tool.  Amazon’s website says they will continue to expand the network to influencers on other social media networks in the near future.

Spambot leaks 711 million email addresses

This week, a spambot called Onliner in the Netherlands has been found to have leaked 711 million email accounts and passwords. To check if your email address is on the list, people are being advised to go to

Those who have been affected are being advised to change their password immediately.

And finally…

Justin Bieber has become the latest celebrity to hit the 100 million Twitter followers mark. He is also the first ever male user to reach this milestone. Katy Perry is the only other music artist to have over 100 million followers on the social media platform.

To mark the occasion, Twitter  users can unlock a special emoji by tweeting #100MBeliebers.

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