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We are Search Ads 360 Certified Partners

We are proud to announce that we have been awarded Search Ads 360 Certified Company status. This makes us one of only 12 trusted agencies in the UK that have been accredited by Google as providing excellent customer service to clients and supporting with product implementations and technical support.

Search Ads 360 was formerly known as DoubleClick Search and allows for bids and bid adjustments, ad copy and extensions, audiences, tracking and attribution to be managed across search engines and benefit from joined-up reporting.

Google and Search Laboratory partnership

Google announced a few months ago that it had rebranded its products so that the Google Analytics 360 Suite and DoubleClick products were under the same umbrella – The Google Marketing Platform.

Search Laboratory is already one of only six agencies headquartered in the UK to be Google Analytics 360 Sales Partners, which means that we are well on our way to becoming certified in the full suite of tools.

The process to become a Certified Company

The process to become Search Ads 360 Certified included our PPC team passing exams and submitting in-depth case studies that showcased how we had used the software and our expertise to improve results for our clients.

This was then followed up with an interview with Google with a select group of our in-house experts to further uncover our ability to manage and optimise large campaigns using the software.

How Search Ads 360 helps brands

Search Ads 360 allows brands to centrally manage all their biddable media in one place, from PPC ads for all search engines from Google Ads and Bing to international search engines such as Baidu and Yahoo Japan.

Search Ads 360’s auto-bidding capabilities are also more advanced than the online advertising platforms themselves and allows for auto-bidding to be done across search engines, taking advantage of the combined data.

With more and more brands opting for integrated search campaigns, the full Google Marketing Platform also allows for display and natural search campaigns to be combined. Having everything in one place means that there is only one version of the truth and avoids double-counting of conversions.

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What this means

For large-scale advertising campaigns that span multiple channels and search engines, Search Ads 360 can minimise the admin time of running lots of different campaigns, leaving more time for sophisticated tasks like analysis, strategy, new feature implementation and testing.

If you think that this tool may be of benefit to you, then speak to one of our experts about how we can manage your campaigns through Search Ads 360 today.

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