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We are a Google Display & Video 360 certified partner


We are proud to announce that Search Laboratory has been awarded Display & Video 360 Certified Company status, making us one of a select few trusted UK-headquartered agencies which have been accredited by Google for providing clients with Display & Video 360 product implementations, technical support and excellent customer service. Google Display & Video 360 is an integrated tool which can be used to build and manage cross-channel media plans, from programmatic display to TV.

Search Laboratory’s partnership with Google


This is the fifth Google Marketing Platform product which we have received certification for and follows on from receiving our Google Analytics 360 Sales Partner status.

The process to becoming a DV360 certified digital marketing agency


In order to become a Display & Video 360 Certified Company, we had to create optimised campaigns for our clients. We had to submit two in-depth business case studies to demonstrate how the team uses the software and their expertise to improve client results.

Once our application had been reviewed, we were invited to an interview with Google to demonstrate our ability to manage and optimise various campaigns using DV360 further.

What can Display & Video 360 do for brands?


Display & Video 360 is the premium version of Google Display Network. It has a wide range of features that can be used to improve the performance of your programmatic campaigns including:

  • Access to a wider range of Ad Exchanges, video inventory and websites
  • Advanced bidding algorithms and campaign structures
  • Access to multiple third-party data providers
  • Improved brand safety measures
  • Integration with GA360 and Campaign Manager.

Display & Video 360 is completely optimised to plan, execute and manage programmatic advertisements. It is the industry standard tool for creating large-scale and results-driven campaigns.


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