The brief


OVO Energy wanted to build their online visibility through content that would encourage natural linking and social media sharing.

This campaign was OVO Energy’s first large-scale content marketing project. To ensure results were maximised, Search Laboratory wanted to jump on a trending topic, so OVO Energy could obtain as many links and pieces of coverage as possible.

To tie in with the launch of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Search Laboratory developed the idea to create an infographic that explained how much it costs to power the Death Star. This was then represented in the form of an infographic so it would be very shareable and could be easily published on external sites.


links to the OVO energy website


pieces of coverage


keywords increased in position

The solution


An infographic Search Laboratory digital marketing agency created for OVO Energy. The infographic was for a campaign called 'How much would it cost to power the Death Star'.

To start to build OVO Energy’s online brand visibility, and as a proof of concept of the value for this approach for OVO, Search Laboratory were given the initial target of achieving a minimum of ten high-quality backlinks from this campaign.

Search Laboratory were keen to embed the value of online PR campaigns for OVO, and were confident of exceeding this target. To ensure this initial campaign was as successful as possible, Search Laboratory chose an approach that would appeal to a large target audience, maximising the number of publications and websites that could be contacted.

The campaign had to have a digital asset on the OVO website that would add value to the story, and encourage publishers to link back. It was decided that a blog post was the best format for the campaign, which would include the infographic designed by Search Laboratory, and include the methodology of how the statistics were sourced, which research showed would appeal to the target audience.

The campaign was launched in the build-up to the release of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.


The results


Overall, between November and December, the campaign has generated 212 links to the OVO Energy website with an average domain authority of 41 (from MOZ), and this is a number which is continuously increasing each day. This meant that the campaign achieved a huge 2120% of the goal.

Link highlights included:

The team also secured an additional 49 pieces of non-linking coverage mentioning the brand.

OVO SEO visibility


Using SearchMetrics, we can see that SEO visibility increased from 2,268 to 2,700 over the period of the launch of the campaign. The blog post itself has had 19,667 sessions since it went live.



The campaign blog post has an internal link to the Smart Meters page on OVO’s website. This has led to rises in several keywords directing organic traffic to this page. In total, this page increased in positions for 52 keywords which were previously ranking, with a combined search volume of 14,360.


Selected keyword highlights include:

  • Smart meters (from 20 to 14)
  • Smart electricity meter (from 14 to 7)
  • Smart gas meter (from 7 to 5)
  • Gas meters (from 47 to 16).

The infographic also received more than 30,600 Facebook engagements from shares and likes from the various pieces of coverage.

 “It’s been a fantastic experience working with Search Laboratory throughout this campaign. It’s the first time for us at OVO to try our hands at a content marketing campaign of this scale, and Search Laboratory has been brilliant at supporting us through it from concept to execution and promotion stage. It was important to us to partner with an agency that is as visionary and disruptive as the OVO brand, and it’s clear to see from the results of this campaign that we made the right choice. We are excited to continue working with them on new projects!”

Milena Kannen, SEO Manager, OVO Energy

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