Save Money and Increase Revenue With Data-Driven Marketing (Webinar)

Google’s Digital Maturity Benchmark

A diagram of Google's digital maturity benchmark.

What is this webinar about?


Only 2% of brands use data-driven digital marketing to effectively engage with customers, however, that 2% have seen 20% more revenue, with a​ 30% reduction in marketing spend.*


This webinar gives you the tools you need to analyse your digital marketing activities to discover where your business currently sits on Google’s Digital Maturity Benchmark, in relation to your industry peers.


Our CEO, Chris Attewell discusses how you can make the best use of your data, delving into the five key areas that will help you reach digital maturity (attribution, ads, audience, access and automation).


Using the power of data science and the Google Marketing Platform tools you too can beat your competitors and drive success. The webinar also shows you some practical steps to improve efficiency and performance moving you through from nascent (beginner) to multi-moment (super advanced).


*BCG and Google: ‘Mastering Digital Marketing Maturity’ 2018 

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You will learn how to:


  • Analyse your digital marketing activities to discover where you currently sit on Google’s Digital Maturity Benchmark
  • Use the insights from the report to shape your future digital marketing plans
  • Identify how data science can help build on your company’s success.

A photo of Chris Attewell, CEO of Search Laboratory digital marketing agency.

Chris Attewell, CEO


Chris joined Search Laboratory in 2012 and has helped clients including VISA, glh Hotels and Citrix to grow their online traffic and revenue during that time. As CEO, Chris provides strategic leadership and direction for Search Laboratory’s operations in the UK and the US, working with clients and internal teams to deliver profitable online customer acquisition campaigns across multiple countries.​

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