The attribution challenges of high-value online purchases (Online workshop)


Attribution modelling is one of the biggest challenges in building an effective investment strategy. With growing changes across technology, government regulation and consumer privacy awareness, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to track a user. This problem is even more challenging if you sell high-value products or services, where a user may take upwards of six months to complete a purchase.

Most considered purchases of a sizeable value require multiple visits from a customer before a decision is made. It is very common that this decision is not made in isolation and may involve various stakeholders, such as a partner, which makes for a tracking nightmare.

In this workshop, you will learn how to overcome the challenges faced by companies selling high-valued purchases, how to shift towards a modelled world using centralised data, and why every business should have a data roadmap, as well as how to build yours.

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The topics discussed in the workshop:


  • How to overcome the challenges of high-value purchases
    • Long user journeys
    • Multiple stakeholders
    • Multiple devices and touchpoints
    • Justifying upper-funnel investment
  • How to build an attribution solution to better define your marketing investment strategy across the user journey
  • How to incorporate modelling and machine learning into your digital strategy
  • How to identify your data pain points and build your data roadmap
  • How the digital maturity solution will set you up for future success.



The title card for the Search Laboratory online workshop called 'The attribution challenges of high-value online purchases'.

Meet your speakers


A photo of Dave Howlett, Head of Data Science at Search Laboratory digital marketing agency.

David Howlett, Head of Data Science


Currently Search Laboratory’s Head of Data Science, David’s experience is centred around utilising the power of cloud-based solutions (BigQuery, TensorFlow) to extrapolate and model value within our clients’ data.

David’s worked on a variety of clients including, Ann Summers, Oasis Fashion, and Withings.


A photo of Ian Harris, Founder and Executive Chairman of Search Laboratory digital marketing agency.


Ian Harris, Executive Chairman


Ian Harris is the founder and Executive Chairman​ of Search Laboratory. A trained mathematician, Ian set up Search Laboratory in 2005 to provide clients with transparent, evidenced-based digital marketing services. This highly analytical and ethical approach remains the core value of our agency today.

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