The Past, Present & Future of SEO [MEDIA]

Thanks for your interest in our complete Past, Present & Future of SEO conference videos 2013. We hope you find them useful. If you have any questions about the videos please do not hesitate to get in touch on +44 (0) 113 212 1211 or by email.

The History of Search Engine Marketing (Jimmy McCann, Head of SEO)

Jimmy McCann, Head of SEO at Search Laboratory runs through the evolution of search and the search engines.

Going back as far as 1960 and the first search queries Jimmy discusses the early search engines such as WWW worm, Alta Vista and the rise of search engine giant Google (originally known as BackRub). By analysing the way in which the old search engines of the 80's and 90's worked, he identifies how web spam and SEO was born.

While progressing through the timeline of search, Jimmy considers also the distinct shift between 'black hat' and 'white hat' SEO over more recent years. Covering all the main Google updates, including the most commonly known Panda and Penguin, how they came into play and what they targeted, Jimmy gives an in-depth history of search engine marketing and which techniques were effective at what time.

Jimmy finishes with a detailed overview of the search landscape today covering Google's aims and how it has evolved to be able to identify and stamp out web spam. As its technology has improved, so to has its ability to spot and automatically penalise sites still using 'black hat' SEO to unfairly manipulate the SERPs. Touching on the concept of 'link earning' rather than 'link buying' and the increased emphasis on the user, user experience and good quality marketing and content, Jimmy hands over to his team - Mark Jones and Freia Muehlenbein for a more detailed look at Technical SEO and Content best practice respectively.

Technical SEO Today (Mark Jones, Head of Technical SEO)

Mark Jones, Head of SEO discusses Technical SEO best practice and takes a look at various old school, ineffective techniques popular in the past explaining why they should be avoided and what you should be doing onsite instead... in this talk Mark touches on:

  • How SEO was, in the past, tailored to the search engines not the user.
  • Why the never ending game of cat and mouse between webmasters and Google is unsustainable.
  • How Google has evolved to become smarter to help clean up the web.
  • Why SEO should be optimisation for the user.
  • The impact of Google Panda and Penguin and why they were a benefit to webmasters rather than something to be feared.
  • An overview of black hat techniques brands should avoid using for their SEO today including details on: content farms, duplicate content, directories and article sites, spun or thin content, doorway pages, over-optimisation, top heavy pages etc. and real life examples of all of these poor practices.
  • The importance of local optimisation for businesses.
  • Why duplicate content is a site wide issue not an isolated issue.

Content & Online PR - Building a Successful Strategy (Freia Muehlenbein, Head of Content & Online PR)

Freia Muehlenbein, Head of Content & Online PR at Search Laboratory discusses how off-page SEO (now known as Content & Online PR) has changed over the years, and today's best practice approach to earning links.

In this video Freia will cover:

  • How to promote your website and improve rankings organically.
  • Google's current guidelines on promoting your website and what is and isn't allowed.
  • Why did the SEO industry have to change?
  • Why links are still the central currency of SEO and it's just the techniques to generate them that have changed.
  • The concept of human endorsements being transferred into digital endorsements a search engine can read and why you should be earning links not building or buying them.
  • How SEO today is more a matter of good all-round marketing (content, PR and promotions) and how to leverage other marketing activity to benefit your organic rankings.
  • What constitutes a good outreach plan? What are the elements of a successful content strategy?
  • The role influencers should play in your content strategy and helping you build natural, relevant links.

Freia will also share some of her favourite case studies and successful examples of creative link earning campaigns that demonstrate the Search Laboratory ethos to Content & Online PR.

What the Future Holds for SEO (Jimmy McCann, Head of SEO)

Jimmy McCann, Head of SEO for Search Laboratory closes the conference by touching on the future of SEO and where it should sit in an organisation for best results. Jimmy covers in his final video:

  • The evolution of the SERPs and the end of consistent search results.
  • Google's increased use of search personalisation and localisation and what this means for webmasters and businesses.
  • The rise of the logged in search and Google's increased ability to collect and track your personal search history and preferences.
  • What search is likely to look like in the future and predictive search.
  • SEO techniques in the future.
  • Where SEO currently sits in organisations today and where it should be sitting to maximise its potential.
  • Why you need to get your wider teams and PR agencies involved and trained in how SEO works.
  • Why SEO is just marketing.
  • Key takeaways from the conference.


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