adCenter Desktop: The New adCenter Editor




Finally, Microsoft have released their offline editing tool to the masses – adCenter Desktop has been available for download to a select few advertisers lucky enough to be included in Microsoft’s pilot program since last summer, but it is only since this weekend that it has been available to all. It’s still only a beta version, so a few bugs are to be expected, but it’s still infinitely better that having to manage an adCenter campaign through the web interface.

Microsoft Advertising AdCenter

I’ve been using it for the past few months, and while not perfect, I wouldn’t be without it now. It does pretty much everything that Google’s Adwords Editor does, plus a couple of other neat little things such as offering a dashboard view to track your favourite adgroups, and alerts to warn if an adgroup’s CTR or CPC falls below a critical threshold. The interface isn’t quite as polished as Adwords Editor yet, but I expect this will improve as Microsoft receive further feedback from users over the next few months.

To download, log into adCenter as normal, and the link to the download is there on the home page:

Microsoft Advertising AdCenter

Fingers crossed, Yahoo will be revealing their own secret plans for an offline editor any day now…

For more info, plus links to a few tutorials, check out Microsoft’s official adCenter Desktop resources.

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