7 Steps to Creating Great Content


Rochelle Royal

Content Marketing

When writing content for marketing purposes there is one simple equation to follow:


Google is all about user experience and as such it wants to show websites that are of the most use to the searcher. The following seven steps should ensure your site fits this brief:

content writing1. Always add value

What this basically means is that when you are writing content don’t aim to just promote a new product or brand. Do some research and see what people are talking about in the community/niche that you specialise in, what they are interested in and then tailor your content around this.

2. Think outside the box

Just because you are a fashion website does not mean you have to write solely about clothes. There are so many other people on the internet writing about what this season’s trends are etc. – think further outside the box and look to see what people want to know. Maybe create a piece about jobs in the fashion industry for example. This kind of topic is interesting to a wide enough audience and should lend itself to social shares and links.

3. Don’t think about links, think about the user

Put links to the back of your mind. Instead think about the type of articles you read and share on a weekly basis, this is the kind of content you want to create in order that other people can use it as a reference, write about it themselves for their site and link back to yours for more in depth information. Links are a natural by-product of great content.

4. Host great content on YOUR site

This one is a given! You want natural links pouring in to your site so Google can see that your site is resourceful and trustworthy. Create “must read” content and host it on your blog or news section for people to refer back to.

5. Great content = natural Links

Think about the last piece of content you read, referenced and shared with your colleagues and friends. Why did you share it? What was so catching? These are the types of questions you need to ask yourself when creating content. Granted, most things these days are silly videos and memes but use that to your advantage. Can you include interactions to keep your readers coming back?

6. Dont worry about specific keywords anchor text

Google knows how to read. It doesn’t matter if you use the anchor text click here because Google bots can read a whole piece of content, look at the page it is hosted on and see that its relevant.

7. Build relationships, be personal

When you hit on an amazing content idea, look to see which influential people are talking about the topic. Ask them questions but dont just leave it there, make an effort to keep the communication barriers open and build a relationship.