5 Terrible SEO Sales Emails


David Patterson

Technical SEO

As we’re a search engine marketing agency were the last people to ever be in the market for buying SEO services – but that doesn’t stop businesses attempting to sell search engine optimisation to us on a daily basis. As Eskimos have no need of snow, we have no need to buy SEO!

We have a continuous stream of emails from companies pitching their SEO services to us, most of which would be verging on comical if it were not for their frequency. These email pitches usually feature broken English and call upon an eclectic arsenal of fonts, colours and text size. Some claim to be the cheapest, almost all promise to get us to number one on Google. Worryingly though, these emails that scream Black Hat SEO are constant so that suggests they are actually converting some of their recipients into customers!

In the hope that this blog will put off our would-be SEO salesmen, here are five of the worst offenders that have come into our inbox over the last week:


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selling SEO


SEO is war



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