The World Cup in a Multilingual Company


Sarah Tramm


It’s times like these that I truly love working for a multilingual company! The atmosphere and the tension of the FIFA World Cup in Brazil have been taking grip across departments and the many nations within the company.

Here at Search Laboratory we have more than 35 countries represented. Unfortunately not all of our native nations are in the world cup. Being Danish I’m sure LOTS of people are as disappointed as I am that Denmark didn’t qualify and at the overall lack of Scandinavian countries involved in Brazil.

However, we still have the spirit and we are all very much looking forward to seeing our home countries and England doing well in Brazil!

I’ve had a chat with some of my fellow colleagues in the multilingual teams to hear what their predictions are for the world cup. There had been plenty of discussions around the world cup and emotions are running high – what we do all seem to agree on is that Argentina’s, Lionel Messi, is the one to look out for!



What do you think about your country’s chances in the world cup?

  • Team Australia (AU) – Pretty dire, I wouldn’t say football (or as we call it soccer) is our strong point
  • Team Italy (IT) – 25/1
  • Team France (FR) – France will win it, obviously
  • Team Netherlands (NL) – Well the Netherlands seem to be off to a good start and as we say in Dutch “en goed begin is het halve werk” – A good beginning is half of the work done.
  • Team Spain (ES) -I’d rather not talk about it…
  • Team England – I think we’ll win it
  • Team Germany (DE) – We will win it!!!!

world cup 2014

What do you think are your strengths?

  • AU – With a lot of people having low expectations of Australia, its an extra bonus when we win
  • IT – We have an experienced team mixed with youth and also players who can turn the game around when called upon like Balotelli and Pirlo.
  • FR – We got rid of the players that weren’t team players (e.g. Nasri). It’s a fresh team with both young talents and experienced players
  • NL – We have a great team of players (especially the dynamic duo of Robin van Persie and Arjen Robben) who have such a vast amount of experience between them and play for big foreign teams across Europe. Also, Louis van Gaal is a treasure trove of the Netherlands – and will soon be of Manchester United as well
  • EN – Young team, no fear, less pressure than normal, skilful, not afraid to attack
  • DE – Here it is summed up in one picture


Who would you put your money on winning?

  • AU – Brazil but I want Belgium to win
  • FR – If I had to place a bet, I’d put it on Brazil. They are playing at home
  • NL – The Netherlands or Brazil
  • ES – Brazil
  • EN – England
  • DE – Germany of course!

MessiWho do you think is the best player in the world cup not from your own country?

  • AU- Messi
  • IT – Messi
  • FR – Lionel Messi – or Neymar (because the whole stadium goes crazy every time he touches the ball). Those guys are the real heroes
  • NL – Messi
  • ES – Messi/Ronaldo
  • EN – Messi
  • DE – Its a tough one! We think Balotelli is so determined – he could almost be German!

Are you confident that your country will make it to the last 16?

  • AU – Not at all
  • IT – I would be gravely disappointed if they didn’t
  • FR – Very – Not a single doubt
  • NL -We’re already there
  • ES – We’re already out!
  • EN – Very confident. England played well and were unlucky. They are a young team that havent played together much yet so will only get stronger. The major problems they had against Italy were structural (Rooney on the left, not defending) and therefore fixable. Roy will fix it!
  • DE – After winning 4-0 against the toughest competitor in the group in the first game, we think we can be pretty confident

Can you give me one football related fact about your country?the-world-cup-in-a-multilingual-company-ball

  • AU – Australia bid for the world cup in 2022 but lost to Qatar
  • IT – We’ve been dubbed the best dressed team in the world cup and there are plenty of online mentions about it – our suits are provided by D&G
  • FR – Even though Tony Parker and Boris Diaw won the 2014 NBA title last week, there are 12x more searches for “Karim Benzema” than those two NBA champions
  • ES – Porn visits in Spain dropped by more than 50% during the recent Champions League final. We love our football!
  • DE – Lucas Podolskis selfie with the chancellor Angela Merkel made it into international press!

Thanks to Saskia Roskam, Dutch Search Marketing, Lisa Hessler/Gloria Gavrilovic – German Search Marketing, Patrick Vazquez – Spanish Search Marketing, Davide Tien – Italian Search Marketing, Laura Woodhouse  – Australian COPR, Clio Essono-Ekani/Jean-Yves Scauri – French Search Marketing and Ian Harris – CEO.